What You Need to Know About Different Kinds of Interviews

When applying for a position, you may have to talk to one person. You may also have to talk to several people at the same time or several people sequentially. This article will introduce you to different types of interviews and explain what you need to know about them.

One-to-one interviews

This is one of the classic, traditional formats of interviewing for a job. You and your employer meet, typically at the office of the employer, and discuss the job, your skills, education and other qualifications.

Serial interviews

Job_interview_0001A serial interview involves talking to several people, but not at the same time. You would typically be talking to one person after another. The rank of the interviewers usually grows the longer the interview lasts. You will almost always have to go through a serial interview if you are flying in from a different location. In this case, a serial interview may last up to a day or even two day. When one person passes you to another one, try to get some information about the next person. For example, you may ask if the person feels about the development cycle in the same way as your current interviewer does. Keep asking questions to learn more about the people that you will be talking to all the way to the finish line.

Behavior-based interviews

People that conduct behavior-based interviews believe that examples of your behavior in the past are the best indicator of your future actions. Examples with as many details as possible are what these interviewers are looking for. You will know that you are in a behavior based if you will hear phrases such as “tell me about a time when,” “give me an example of how you,” “describe a time when…” and so on.

Because this style measures behavior, it somewhat levels the field between people with limited experience and seasoned professionals.

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