Looking Natural and Being a Good Fit

One of the things that inexperienced interviewers try to accomplish during a job interview is “look natural.” Looking natural is fine as long as it doesn’t interfere with achieving your goal, which is to get a job.

looking-for-a-job-1257233_960_720Think about the job search process. If you have a great-looking resume, cover letter, LinkedIn page or connections, you get an interview. A person or several people spend up to an hour with you, sometimes more, and then make a decision whether they should hire you or not.

Now think about your life, your family, and your friends. How long did it take you to get to know some of the people in your life? In some instances, you would need to calculate a number of years to answer this question, yet during a job search process, you and your interviewers get an hour to go through the entire process from beginning to end. This means that there’s nothing natural about it.

The price of not being focused on the goal of getting a job is too high because all your work accomplishments, all your self-improvement work won’t matter if you don’t deliver a job interview that gets you the results that you want.

Many job seekers ask their interviewers about why they didn’t get the job and usually hear that they were not a good fit. In the workplace, this usually describes company culture. The culture is often reflected in the values and behaviors of teams.

For example, if the boss typically works until seven at night, it means that you will be working until seven at night. If the dress code is business casual, you are better off dressing in the same way.

Today there many websites where current and former employees rate their employers and share information about culture, interviews and the experiences.

The best way you can do is not try to look natural but learn about the company where you are planning to work and see if that’s the place where you want to be. If so, deliver an interview performance that will get you the job.

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