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24-tuoi-ban-can-co-nhung-gi-de-tim-viec-lam-4_JVQLWhile it is true that human nature hasn’t changed with the invention of the Internet and humans still prefer to do business and work together with the people that like, a lot of things about finding a job and interacting with people are changing.

For example, recruiters are using LinkedIn more and more. Companies use artificial intelligence software that decides whether you are a good match for a job or not based on certain criteria found in your resume or your LinkedIn profile.

Many other elements of a hiring and job searching process are in transition, too. For example, even the ways you meet with your potential employers and recruiters are changing. Even a few decades ago an in-person meeting was the only way other than the phone for a company to interview someone and get to know them. Today it is possible to have a video interview during which you’d talk to a number of people located all over the world, potentially thousands of miles away from you and from each other.

Interviewing and negotiating techniques that were rare and effective today are described on free websites and if you want an excellent outcome, you may need to tweak your strategy so that you stand out from the crowd.

At the same time, job interviews continue to be science and art. Just like an artistic performance, a job interview is something that you can prepare for and orchestrate to deliver an outstanding performance that will impress your potential employers and will get your hired.

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